Benefits and Rights

In accordance with laws and regulations, SYSTEX accepts applications for employees’ unpaid parental leave and their reinstatement after parental leave. In 2021, there are 28 applicants, including 4 males and 24 females. The “return to work rate” is 67% and the “retention rate” is 91%.

Breastfeeding Room

  • Set up “Breastfeeding Room” in 7 operation offices.

  • Have access control, and provide equipment and items needed for breastfeeding. HQ Breastfeeding Room passed “Excellent Breastfeeding Room Certificate” by Taipei City Government.

Maternity Gift

  • Gifts of “Happy Pregnancy” for newly-wed employees, “Moon Pillow” for pregnant employees, and “Braised Pot” for employees with newborns.


  • Sign specific contracts with qualified childcare institution to provide childcare discounts.

[SYSTEX Baby Happy Growth Funds] Subsidy up to NT$120,000 per Newborn

SYSTEX has launched “SYSTEX Baby Happy Growth Fund” in 2021, providing double gifts of subsidies and vacations to encourage employees to have children.

Increase Maternity Subsidies and Vacations

For all permanent employees, as long as employees have a newborn under the age of 2, they can receive a subsidy of up to NT$60,000 per newborn. In addition, all maternity over 35 years old (incl.) can enjoy double subsidies, up to NT$120,000 per newborn. In 2021, SYSTEX has distributed a maternity subsidy of NT$2.64M, benefiting 90 SYSTEX babies. Meanwhile, SYSTEX has also provided maternity vacations more than that of Labor Standards Act, up to 70 days, and assigned a dedicated health manager to take care of the health of maternity employees.