Talent Development

Cultivate Exponential Technology Talents

With the core capabilities of “Software, Data and Algorithm”, SYSTEX has laid a solid foundation for “AI-based digital transformation”, and continued to increase investment in talents with software capabilities of 5A and cloud service technologies of 4C, so as to help customers transform and create the second growth curve of business.

“Talents” is the core competitiveness of SYSTEX. In order to continuously improve their technical capabilities, we check each personal technical map to understand their level of technical skill. Additionally, in line with the business development needs, SYSTEX provides relevant learning resources and hopes that talents can increase capabilities to help customers integrate, transform and drive the second growth curve of business to become “exponential technology talents” with leadership courage.

Talent Development Structure

SYSTEX attaches great importance to talent cultivation and provides systematic employee learning and development plans so as to plan comprehensive training courses, such as “new employee training courses”, “leadership training courses”, “key talent training courses” and “SEI Program”, etc., according to organizational strategies, functional model and personal needs. SYSTEX’s employees can take not only internal training courses, but also external training courses and certificate exams.

Training Performance

SYSTEX has formulated the “Employees Training and Development Rules”, encouraging employees to improve their technical skills through training subsidies, and then combine training with performance management to stimulate employees’ talents.

In 2021, a total of 105,738 people participated in internal and external training courses with a total of 105,738 hours, including internal in-class and online courses and external professional courses. The average training hours (ATH) of employees is 28.23 hours; if classified by gender, ATH is 23.95 hours for women and 31.05 hrs. for men; if classified by position, ATH is 46.66 hours for management-level positions and 26.92 hours for general positions.

Internal Training Course

In 2021Q1, SYSTEX has established an e-Learning platform –”SYSTEX e-Learning” to help employees develop professional core competencies at any time without being limited by time and space.

New Employee

To help new employee become familiar with SYSTEX and its business philosophy, we have curated a mix of in-class and online courses, arranged for senior managers to teach, and promoted volunteer activities and occupational health and safety in the course to raise awareness of OHSMS.


SYSTEX has designed leadership training courses based on SYSTEX management framework to ensure more effective performance. We also provide the “supervision courses” to improve the supervision ability of senior colleagues and supervisors, helping new employees to get familiar with work faster.

Technology Development

For improving software development and integration capabilities, SYSTEX has established Task Forces such as computing, data, information security, fintech, maintenance, 5G, Marketing, etc., constantly introducing new technologies and holding technical training camps.

Marketing and Sales

In order to achieve customer-oriented business sales, through effective questions to customers in the business process, SYSTEX clarifies the real needs of customers and cultivates potential talents to become the best product expert consultant for customers.

Exclusive Individual

SYSTEX has built an E-Learning platform to provide personal effectiveness courses for employees to participate in, allowing employees to use their spare time to achieve their personal learning targets.

Key Talent

According to the needs of operation strategies and reserve talents, as well as to achieve high-performance and high-contribution talent strategy, SYSTEX conducts an annual inventory and training plans for key positions and key talents.

Experts Lecture

SYSTEX invites industry experts to share practice experience with topics such as trends and technology applications, so that supervisors and colleagues can learn more to practice the win-win concept of achieving customer values and of improving business performance.

SEI Program

SYSTEX provides summer intern project and long-term internship project. During the internship, interns are arranged to participate in industrial application courses taught by senior managers. Outstanding interns can be preferentially converted into permanent employees.