Tech for Good

Three Main Pillars

SYSTEX believes that technology is not just a tool, it can be used for good. Adhering to the sustainable spirit of “Tech for Good”, SYSTEX has launched various innovative projects in 3 main pillars, hoping to utilize SYSTEX’s 6 core capabilities of “Software, Data, Algorithm, Cloud Service, Microservices, and Cybersecurity” to achieve its sustainable development.

In Response to the Sustainable Development Goals

In accordance with the UN SDGs and key areas of sustainable development determined by the Executive Yuan, SYSTEX actively implements corporate social responsibility, and cooperates with all walks of life in SDG 4, SDG 5, SDG 8, SDG 10, SDG17 to jointly exert positive impacts and move towards a sustainable society in 2030.

Exert Social Impact

For demonstrating the high involvement in society, in 2022, SYSTEX continuously invests resources in training for IT software talents, activities cooperated with Startups, and social engagement, allowing SYSTEX’s effort in cultivating IT talents have also been recognized by all walks of life. As such, SYSTEX promises to invest more resources in technology for good and use the power of digital technology to expand positive social impact.

Young Tuning Program
Rewarded the 2022 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards, TSAA : SDG 4, Silver Award
Rewarded the 2022 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards, AREA : Investment in People

Since 2016, SYSTEX launched the “Young Tuning Program, YTP”, focusing on cultivating software talents. As of 2022, it has been held 7 sessions, striving to expanding social impacts every year. In response to SDG 5, YTP pays attention to the development of women’s participation and has formulated a “Female Guarantee Quota Mechanism” in the “Programming Challenge Camp” from 2020, hoping to promote opportunities for female IT talents in the field of information engineering.

In addition, YTP also focuses on discovering young software talents and expanding its reach. From the beginning of YTP, it’s planned to stimulate students’ interest in programming earlier through senior-high-school category. Since 2021, YTP added junior-high-school group to enhance students’ enthusiasm for programming. YTP not only provides opportunities for outstanding students to visit aboard, but also holds overseas group, inviting overseas high school students to participate in 2022, thereby deepening the exchange of international potential talents.

With a cumulative number of nearly 3,000 participants, YTP continues to empower potential talent pool, making YTP not only the largest high school programming competition held by a single enterprise in Taiwan, but also recognized by TSAA and AREA in 2022.

Awards over the Years
  • Rewarded the “2022 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards, TSAA, – SDG 4 Silver Award” by the Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy
  • Rewarded the “2022 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards, AREA, – Investment in People” by the Enterprise Asia.
  • Rewarded the “2021 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, TCSA: Social Inclusion Leadership Awards” by the Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy.
  • Rewarded the “2021 17th Corporate Social Responsibility Award – Model Award” by the Global Views Monthly.
  • Rewarded the “2021 3rd Future Education Taiwan 100 – Top 100 educational project” by the Global Views Educational Foundation.
For more details about the YTP, please refer to Cultivate Software Talents@YTP and the YTP Website
AI+ Generator Program
Assist AI Startups to connect with enterprise clients. A total of 36 Startups have been selected for 5 consecutive years.

In order to assist Taiwan’s AI startups to accelerate the implementation of products and services, SYSTEX has launched the “AI+ Generator Program, AGP” since 2018 to help new Startups expand market scope and operate business globally through customized counseling.

Responding to the SDG 17, AGP expands Taiwan’s software ecosystem by collaborating with Startups and supply chain partners. As of 2022, AGP has joined hands with 36 Startups to use their core capabilities to serve more enterprise clients, so as to share the common prosperity with the society.

For more details about the AGP, please refer to Partner with Startups@AGP.
Participation in Industry Associations and Organizations
SYSTEX and Ecosystem Partners jointly Advocate “ESG Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance”

In order to promote the sustainable spirit of “Tech for Good”, SYSTEX joins the “ESG Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance” jointly initiated by “WPG Holdings” and “Business Week Group”. In the future, it will integrate the professional resources, solutions, and product advantages of its partners in the technology industry, and support the “innovation in agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry” and the “innovation in climate crisis mitigation” through the model of “Innovation Competition X Innovation Subsidy”.

The “ESG Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance” is jointly initiated by “WPG Holdings” and “Business Week Group”, and jointly formed by LiteOn, Qisda, ADVANTECH and SYSTEX.

For more details, please refer to the Official Website.
Participated in the “TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance”

The cultivation and development of talents has always been the operational development goal that SYSTEX attaches great importance to. In response to the trend of ESG and DEI, and global companies’ emphasis on the social responsibility of talents, SYSTEX has joined “TALENT, in the “TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance”!

SYSTEX promises to make continuous efforts in the categories of “meaning and value, organizational communication, rewards and incentives, physical and mental health, and talent growth” to maintain the sustainable competitiveness of talents in an industry full of changes.

Therefore, SYSTEX continues to initiate initiatives with partners to jointly create a hope project for talent cultivation and create a better future for every worker.

For more details, please refer to the Official Website.