Tech for Social Good

Three Main Pillars

SYSTEX believes that technology is not just a tool, it can be used for good. Adhering to the sustainable spirit of “Tech for Social Good”, SYSTEX has launched various innovative projects in 3 main pillars, hoping to utilize SYSTEX’s core capabilities of “Software, Data and Algorithm” to achieve its sustainable development.

Response to the Sustainable Development Goals

According to the UN SDGs and the focus areas of sustainable development identified by the Executive Yuan, SYSTEX actively fulfills its responsibilities, cooperates with all walks of life to exert positive impacts and jointly moves toward a sustainable society in 2030.

Exert Social Impact

In 2021, SYSTEX carries out the training of software talents courses and activities cooperated with Startups, and social engagement related sponsorship and donations, showing SYSTEX’s high investment in technology, so that SYSTEX has been recognized by all walks of life. In 2021, “Young Turing Program, YTP” and “SYSTEX Elite Internship, SEI” won the “TCSA – Social Inclusion Leadership Awards”, and the “17th CSR Award – Model Award” by Global Views Monthly. In addition, SYSTEX has not only launched the “AI+ Generator Program, AGP” with the mission of implementing SDG 17 and assisting AI Startups to expand their business scope more efficiently, but also held the “Action Intelligences for Social Good Award, AI4SG” to encourage innovative teams and organizations to apply technology for resolving ESG issues. Therefore, SYSTEX won the “2021 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards – Silver Award” and the “2021 PwC’s Sustainability Impact Awards – Technology Impact Award”.

Looking forward to the future, SYSTEX promises to continuously invest more resources for social good and make good use of the capability of digital technology to enhance social impacts.

SYSTEX and Ecosystem Partners jointly Advocate “ESG Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance”

In order to promote the sustainable spirit of “Tech for Social Good”, SYSTEX joins the “ESG Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance” jointly initiated by “WPG Holdings” and “Business Week Group”. In the future, it will integrate the professional resources, solutions, and product advantages of its partners in the technology industry, and support the “innovation in agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry” and the “innovation in climate crisis mitigation” through the model of “Innovation Competition X Innovation Subsidy”.

The “ESG Technology Innovation Promotion Alliance” is jointly initiated by “WPG Holdings” and “Business Week Group”, and jointly formed by LiteOn, Qisda, ADVANTECH and SYSTEX. For more details on the alliance, please refer to its website.