• Established the cloud brand “GARAOTUS" to lock in the international cloud market.
  • Invested in Baoruh Electronic Co., Ltd.
  • Invested in Taiwan Information Service Technology Corporation.
  • Systex Software & Service Corp. passed ISO 27001 information security management system certification.
  • YTP (Young Turing Program) got the Silver Award of “CSR Impact Award of PwC Taiwan “.
  • Awarded the “Sports Enterprise Certification in 2020″ certification mark by the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education.
  • Awarded the “Excellent Unit for Green Purchasing and Green Consumption Promotion" by the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan in 2020.
  • Awarded the “2020 Taipei City Private Enterprises and Organizations’ Green Purchasing Performance" by Taipei City Government’s Department of Environmental Protection.


  • SYSPOWER, a subsidiary of SYSTEX, has released the world’s first “Sarcopenia intelligent pre-screen system" with standard medical image transmission to create a long-term and elderly care environment.
  • Exclusive agent for the Knowtions Lydia AI platform solutions which can make predictions on insurance fraudulent behaviors by building people profiles and learning healthcare behaviors.
  • SYSTEX was crowned the “Happiness Enterprise" in IT industry category by 1111 Job Bank.
  • Established an AI cloud platform development office, providing hybrid cloud solutions.
  • SYSTEX Software & Service won Microsoft’s 2019 Taiwan Partner of the Year Award.
  • Invested in the NEWEBINFO to integrate IT services ecosystem.


  • Strategic cooperated with MS, IBM, Emotibot, SenseTime, IFLYTEK to bring AI related technology into Taiwan market to develop industry applications locally.
  • Kick off “AI+ Generator” Program to engage outstanding AI starups with enterprise to prove of solution concept in early stage of go-to-market.
  • Invested in FinRobo Advisor Securities Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. to expand FinTech product services.
  • Merged Top Information to expand web banking business.
  • Invested in Retail System Co. to reinforce retail market and product strategy
  • Invested Dawning Technology to expand product portfolio and integrate Marketing Channels.
  • Invested in Shengsen Corp. and Frog-Jump to expand the HR outsourcing service team.


  • Invested in FinTech startup company INSTO.
  • Invested in Gemini Data for US and global business expansion. Developed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) technology, and applied in customer service for financial industry.
  • Awarded the 4th “Taiwan Mittelstand Award” held by the Taiwan Ministry of Economy Affairs.
  • Offering e-gift certificate service to realize O2O operation.


  • Systex partnered with Far Eastern Group to construct an O2O retail ecosphere and launched the “Market Shopping" platform on the friDay Wallet app.
  • Systex Software & Service Corporation of Systex Group maintained its leading position in providing Microsoft services to large corporate clients; the Company won the Microsoft Partner Hero Award for the 12th consecutive year.


  • Invested in the TicketEasy to extend retail ticketing market; invested in Yankey to secure mobile payment services.


  • Merged NEXSYS to strengthen leading position in Taiwan payment market.


  • Merged Rainbow Tech. and CK Tech. for expanding to China market
  • Founded SoftMobile, developing mobile APPs.
  • Invested in Systemweb Technology to formulate one-stop services for financial asset management.


  • Invested in FORMS SYNTRON for Banking business in China.
  • Acquired the Taiwan SI companies Taifon and Concord to create an integrated IT services ecosystem.


  • Invested in Investment Media for providing in depth financial contents.
  • Acquired MegaTime Technology, a well-known vendor of securities quotation systems.


  • Taiwan’s two leading IT services Corporations “SYSWARE" and “SYSTEX" was consolidated.
  • Acquired Taiwan Electronic Data Processing Corporation to formally enter the medical information service market.


  • Merged UCOM, largest IT training center in Taiwan.
  • Merged with the leading securities and bonds company in the domestic software market – Yu-Lung Co., Ltd..
  • Merged Ucom Information Ltd. (Shanghai) extends CN Microsoft services.




  • SYSTEX acquired Ching-Chi and officially entered the finance and mobile commerce sectors.


  • spun off from SYSWARE, and later acquired by Yahoo!


  • SYSWARE founded.


SYSTEX’s parent company, SYSWARE, was established in 1976. SYSWARE has been renowned for its leading position in the FinTech market, with a 90% market share in digital financial management services in Taiwan. In 1997, SYSTEX was established through investment by SYSWARE to act as an OEM agent for information security and database products, mainly providing enterprise consulting services.  In order to seek greater room for growth and to maximize synergy, on January 1, 2007, SYSTEX and SYSWARE formally merged as SYSTEX.  Following the merger, SYSTEX added sites in China and Hong Kong, becoming one of Taiwan’s leading brands in the information service industry.