Benefits and Rights

Benefits Plan

SYSTEX has not only set up an “Employee Welfare Committee” to take care of employees’ lives, including “festival and birthday gifts”, “travel grant”, and “childbirth, marriage and other personal subsidies”, but also held various activities irregularly. Besides, there are also welfare items stipulated by government laws, such as labor health insurance, retirement pension and various vacations, such as sick leaves, personal leaves, paid pregnancy checkups leaves, paid pregnancy checkup accompaniment and paternity leaves, maternity leaves, menstruation leave, marriage leaves, funeral leaves, annual paid leaves, etc. All the aforementioned welfare projects are applicable to all employees.



Salary &

  • Fixed salary: 12 months, including basic pay, job bonus, meal allowance

  • End-year bonuses and performance bonuses based on individual performance

  • Labor insurance, health insurance and retirement pension

  • Group insurance including medical, cancer, accident and life insurance


  • Annual and new employee health examination subsidy

  • Internal and external training and external on-the-job training subsidy

  • Book discounts on “Delight Press”

  • Training course discounts on “Ucom Information”

Work &

  • Flexible working hours: 8 hours per working day; work time is 08:30~09:30, and off-duty time is 17:30~18:30

  • Special vacation for permanent employees: more than that of Labor Standards Act based on employment seniority; up to 9 days of special vacation for new employees based on employment percentage for the year; 8 days of sick vacation with full pay; 1 day of birthday vacation in the birthday month

  • [New in 2022] 1 day of volunteer vacation per year to participate in CSR activities


  • According to Labor Standards Act and Labor Pension Act

  • [Old] Labor Standards Act
    – Set up the “Supervisory Committee of Labor Retirement Reserve” to contribute pension every month and deposit it into the specific account of Taiwan Bank
    – Retirement Application Requirements: workers attain the age of 55 and has worked for 15 years; or worker has worked for more than 25 years; or worker attains the age of 60 and has worked for 10 years
    – Pension: base on the worker’s one month’s average wage; 2 bases for each full year of service rendered; 1 base for each full year over 15 years of service rendered 0.5 bases for service less than 6 months, 1 base for service more than 6 months; up to 45 bases; an additional 20% for worker based on Article 54 of the Act

  • [New] Labor Pension Act
    – Base on the “Monthly Contribution Classification Table”, contribute 6% of worker’s monthly wage to individual accounts at the Bureau for employees

Friendly Workplace

Upgraded Gym

  • The Taipei headquarters has a comprehensive gymnasium.

  • Both Taipei HQ and Taichung office have gyms and yoga classrooms.

  • Hire NTNU coach to provide basketball training guidance and physical fitness courses such as fat-burning aerobics and TRX, etc.

Relaxation Space

  • B1 of the Taipei headquarters has a relax space, serving vending machines, coffee bars and snooze area, etc.

  • Other offices in Taipei, Hsinchu and Taichung all provide comfortable space.

Children’s Book Area

  • “Parent-child Reading Project” helps develop children’s reading habit. Therefore, SYSTEX has built a “children’s book area” in B1 of the Taipei HQ, providing books for children aged 2~15.

  • In 2021, the number of borrowers of children’s books is 593.