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Benefits Plan

SYSTEX provides welfare programs that are better than those stipulated by the government, including flexible working hours, paid leave benefits, marriage and maternity gifts, SYSTEX Baby Happy Growth Funds program and other benefits, thereby taking more care of employees’ life. In addition, SYSTEX set up an “Employee Welfare Committee” to offer personal benefits and subsidies for childbirth, marriage, funeral and club activities. SYSTEX also holds various activities irregularly and provides a friendly and happy workplace to help employees keep healthy.

Beneficial Systems and Measures
Type Item
Salary &
  • Fixed salary: 12 months, including basic pay, job bonus, meal allowance
  • End-year bonuses and performance bonuses based on individual performance
  • Labor insurance, health insurance and retirement pension
  • Group insurance including medical, cancer, accident and life insurance
Benefit Measures
  • Internal and external training and external on-the-job training subsidy
  • Annual and new employee health examination subsidy
    • Annual employee healthe examination: Annual subsidy of $3,500 per employee.
    • New employee healthe examination: The upper subsidy of $1,000 per new-hire.
  • Book discounts on “Delight Press”
  • Training course discounts on “Ucom Information”
  • Hire professional masseurs to provide free massage and stress relief services to employees.
  • The headquarters has parking lots for automobiles and motorcycles, which are available for all employees to apply for.
  • Hire full-time sports coaches and offer exclusive sports and fitness courses for employees; hold sports competitions from time to time (basketball games, softball games, fat loss competitions, online walking events, and other activities were held in 2022).
  • Introduce the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide employees with comprehensive care.
  • Sign specific contracts with qualified childcare institution to provide childcare discounts.
  • The Employee Welfare Committee provides subsidies for festivals, birthdays, maternity, marriage, funerals and club activities.
Better Paid Leave than Government Laws Stipulated
  • [Flexible working hours] 8 hours per working day; work time is 08:30~09:30, and off-duty time is 17:30~18:30
  • [Annual leave] Up to 9 days of paid leave for new-hires based on employed percentage for the year; additional days of paid leave for other senior employees. (FTE only; more than that of Labor Standards Act based on employment seniority)
  • [Birthday leave or sick leave] 1 day of full-paid birthday leave per year; 8 days of full-paid sick leave. (FTE only)
  • [New in 2022] 1 day of full-paid volunteer leave per year to participate in CSR activities
  • [Parental examination leave and maternity leave] 8 days of full-paid prenatal examination leave; up to 70 days of full-paid maternity leave. (FTE only)
  • According to Labor Standards Act and Labor Pension Act
  • [Old] Labor Standards Act
    • Set up the “Supervisory Committee of Labor Retirement Reserve” to contribute pension every month and deposit it into the specific account of Taiwan Bank
    • Retirement Application Requirements: workers attain the age of 55 and has worked for 15 years; or worker has worked for more than 25 years; or worker attains the age of 60 and has worked for 10 years
    • Pension: base on the worker’s one month’s average wage; 2 bases for each full year of service rendered; 1 base for each full year over 15 years of service rendered 0.5 bases for service less than 6 months, 1 base for service more than 6 months; up to 45 bases; an additional 20% for worker based on Article 54 of the Act
  • [New] Labor Pension Act
    • Base on the “Monthly Contribution Classification Table”, contribute 6% of worker’s monthly wage to individual accounts at the Bureau for employees
Friendly Workplace

SYSTEX provides employees with ergonomic chairs, and the height of the desk can be adjusted according to the individual needs of employees, or they can apply for a desktop screen for work use. In addition, SYSTEX also provides a clean, bright and stress-relieving work environment; it has a “gym and yoga classroom” and a “meditation and relaxation space” at the headquarters, and also has a gym in the Taichung office.

Upgraded Gym
  • Taipei headquarters has a comprehensive gymnasium.
  • Both Taipei HQ and Taichung office have gyms and yoga classrooms.
  • Hire NTNU coach to provide basketball training guidance and physical fitness courses such as fat-burning aerobics and TRX, etc.
B1 Gym @ Taipei HQ
Gym @ Taichung office
Relaxation Space
  • Taipei headquarters B1 creates a “quiet and relaxing space”, providing vending machines, coffee bars, book areas and napping areas.
  • Taipei headquarters 8F creates a “rest cloud space”, allowing employees to innovate or work freely in a comfortable workplace.
  • Other offices in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung also provide comfortable workplace.
B1 Space @ Taipei HQ
Chat Area @ Guting Office
Book Area
  • Launch “Parent-child Reading Project” to help employees develop the reading habit of their children’s. SYSTEX has built a “children’s book area” in B1 of headquarters, offering books for children aged 2~15.
  • In 2022, the number of borrowers of children’s books is 727.
B1 Book Area @ Taipei HQ
B1 Childeren Book Area @ HQ