Company Profile

Established in 1997, SYSTEX Corporation (TWSE code: 6214) is a leading Taiwan-based IT service provider with approximately 4,000 employees, ranked among the top 100 in the Taiwan service industries. SYSTEX has rendered professional IT services for over 30,000 enterprise and government clients. Another factor to consider is their strong network of distribution with over 1,500 channel partners, more than 70 world-class hardware/software products and solutions, and their solid domain knowledge. Because of this, SYSTEX is able to provide timely professional services and experienced assistance to their clients. SYSTEX reported consolidated revenue of USD $803 Million in 2020.

SYSTEX continues to lead the integration of the data economy ecosystem, playing the role of an “Orchestrator", harnessing the power of software and data to assist clients in enhancing their marketing performance, and accelerate their digital transformation to create the second growth curve and become an “exponential organization” in data economy.

5A@4C.3D Core Competence

SYSTEX regards 5A (AP, APP, API, Appliance, Algorithm) cross-industry software capabilities and 4C (Cloud Migration, Application, Management & Security) services as core competence, and cultivates technical talents and teams to manage data services and software applications on the cloud. SYSTEX has more than 1,500 software and hardware R&D engineers across China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to assist enterprise clients in managing user and consumer experience. By developing software applications, with orientations of user experience design, scenario interaction, and data integration in different industries, SYSTEX provides precise marketing solutions in accordance with user behaviors.

SYSTEX focuses on serving enterprise customers and has accumulated extensive knowledge across various industries. SYSTEX also connects ecosystem partners to lead cooperation, and to provide cross-border heterogeneous platform data integration services, and excels in smart manufacturing, smart finance, smart healthcare, smart service, smart government, and smart city.

Embracing Technology and Making Good Change for Our World

As a global enterprise citizen, SYSTEX kicked off numerous corporate social responsibility projects focusing on students, start-ups, and NGOs, offering funding and computing resources to encourage more talents to create and develop innovative ways to make our world a better place to live with power of software.

SYSTEX CSR Projects:

– Systex’s AI + Generator Program, collaborates with AI ecosystem partners and industry experts, to assist Taiwan AI startups with the potential to go global in connecting with clients of SYSTEX Group.  AGP emphasizes on assisting startups in accelerating their go-to-market strategies and product market fit.

– YTP (Young Turing Program), offers scholarships, industry case studies coached by college professors and industry experts, and opportunities to attend innovation and entrepreneurship learning programs overseas. SYSTEX nurtures young talents in coding to contribute to the world with creative next generation technologies.