Become a World – class Software Company

Begin with Honesty, End in Goodwill

Aligned with the vision of “Become a world-class software company” and the goal of “a Data Software company,” SYSTEX takes the role of “Orchestrator,” leads the integration of the 3 ecosystems of “VAD, Industry, Mega SI,” and uses 6 core capabilities of “Software, Data, Algorithm, Cloud Service, Microservices, and Cybersecurity” to help clients improve their competitiveness, accelerating net-zero and digital transitions, creating the second exponential growth.

Sustainable Spirit

Based on the sustainability spirit of “Tech for Good,” SYSTEX uses its core capabilities to promote corporate sustainability, cooperates with its partners in the ecosystem to enhance collaboration, and creates a positive cycle of goodness in line with the “SDG17 – Partnerships for the goal.”

In 2021, SYSTEX set the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) to lead the “sustainability group” responsible for planning and executing ESG projects. The CSO promotes internal coordination and cooperation, manages performance, and reports regularly to the chairman of the Board to demonstrate SYSTEX’s commitment to sustainability.

Cultivating Technology Talents for Promoting Value-Added Services

To successfully achieve digital AI transition, enterprises need tech-talents with 6 core capabilities. Its connotation is 5A@4C, that is, the tech-combination of 5A core tech-capabilities and 4C cloud service architecture. SYSTEX fosters tech-talents and teams with 2,800+ cross-strait R&D professionals to offer 5 value-added services of “Cloud, Data, Cybersecurity, Software Development and Maintenance,” aiding clients in creating different experience scenarios in the process of its digital transition to build innovative business models and omni-channel marketing. Through crossover applications in smart green energy, information security, e-commerce, manufacturing, finance, medical care, cities and other fields, SYSTEX can meet customer needs to help create a second growth curve.

Achieve the UN SDGs

SYSTEX attaches great importance to the issues concerned by stakeholders, integrates sustainable management thinking into its daily operations, and give full play to its core core capabilities of “Software, Data, Algorithm, Cloud Service, Microservices, and Cybersecurity” to focus on the core business in response to the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). SYSTEX has summarized 10 SDGs. The CSO integrates cross-divisional resources, strengthens internal coordination and corporation, and leads the Sustainability Group to implement ESG action plans, jointly explore ESG relevant opportunities for stakeholders, so as to steadily move towards the vision of “becoming a world-class software company”.

Contributing to the UN SDGs Download the Sustainability Reports