Benefits and Rights

Human Rights Policy

According to international human rights norms and principles, including UDHR, the UN Global Compact and Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, SYSTEX refrains from any human rights violations, treats all employees fairly and with respect and enhances internal awareness of human rights to reduce risks. The SYSTEX Human Rights Policy applies to SYSTEX Corp. and its affiliates. Meanwhile, SYSTEX uses the same standards to expect supplier, business partner and customers to abide by this policy.


We implement SYSTEX Human Rights Policy based on the following principles:

  • Promote equal rights at work and prohibit any discrimination.

  • Refrain sexual harassment and abuse at work.

  • Prohibit forced labor and child labor.

  • Help keep the balance between work and health.

  • Provide a healthy and safe workplace.

  • Build communication channels and respect employees’ freedom of association.

Human Rights Investigation

SYSTEX has formulated a human rights investigation process that focuses on potential issues and affected employees. After a risk assessment, SYSTEX develops mitigations and tracks the implementation performance to control and reduce risks.

Human Rights Risk Assessment

In the 2021 SYSTEX group’s human rights risk assessment, 41 disabled people were employed more than 1% of all employees, assessed as low risk, while the rest were also low risk.

Human Rights Protection Training

SYSTEX complies with global and local labor regulations, refrains from any violations, treats all employees equitably, and plans related training courses to enhance awareness.

2021 Human Rights Protection Training:

  • A total of 969 people participated in the promotion of human rights on the day of registration for new employees.
  • The “New Employees Training Camp” promotes human right-related concepts. A total of 602 people participated in 2021 with a total of 602 hours.
  • The camp also provides occupational health and safety courses. In 2021, 10 in-class courses were held with a total of 602 participants and 903 hours, while a total of 430 people participated in online courses with a total of 442 hours.
  • The new supervisor training course complies with related regulations, including inclusion, job equity and prohibition of any discrimination. A total of 40 people completed the course in 2021.