Letter from the Chairman

Begin with Honesty, and End in Goodwill

A year coexisting with the pandemic has brought about tremendous changes to the business ecosystem and operation model, as well as impact on personal lives. At this critical moment, we strive to contribute our expertise and to establish connections among customers, coworkers, and partners to maintain business operation with our core capability of “Software”, “Data” and “Algorithm”. In the meantime, the philosophy of “Tech for Social Good”, which SYSTEX is constantly pursuing, remains to carry on despite the epidemic. No matter how harsh the environment is, honesty is always rooted in our philosophy in conducting business. Fulfilling the civic responsibilities of the world with Tech for Social Good is the culture of SYSTEX. “Begin with Honesty, End in Goodwill” is the working principle that SYSTEX people adhere to.

Do Our Best for the Earth, Find a Way out for Humans

As a global citizen, in addition to the epidemic, energy saving and carbon reduction are the missions that we can never keep ourselves aloof. In 2021, SYSTEX established the Smart Energy Center in the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City in Tainan. We offered integrated solutions of green technology in collaboration with green energy start-ups in the Smart Energy Center, and with academic organizations such as Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU). We’re committed to offering the best of breed green and digital transformation solutions to corporations in helping industries in Taiwan to manufacture products compliant with environmental protection regulations or to offer more services and products with less carbon emission. In 2021 SYSTEX donated GARAOTUS cloud platform software and hardware facilities as well as services worth NTD seventy million dollars. By applying the first GAaaS (Genomics Analytics as a Service) inclusive of international system structure and professional service in Taiwan, NYCUCBT can foster interdisciplinary biomedical talents of world-class and develop new medicine to tackle unknown diseases with algorithm and data analytics in the future.

Foster Outstanding Software Talents for Taiwan

The Young Turing Program starting in 2016 is the flagship volunteer program of SYSTEX. This program designs yearlong mentorship activities, including coding contests, projects execution, and overseas learning and visits. In 2021 the program was further extended to junior high school students and expanded connection with other student groups in Taiwan who have strong interests in software programs. SYSTEX employees play essential roles in running the program. Over the past six years, more than two hundred employees are actively involved, and many became long-term volunteers. The program was crowned by CSR Outstanding Award from Global Views Monthly and the “Social Inclusion Leadership Awards” from TCSA in 2021.

SYSTEX has founded a start-up mentorship program “AI+ Generator Program (AGP” in aim to help accelerate start-ups’ go-to-market plan by leveraging SYSTEX’s thirty thousand clients and ecosystem partners. AI4SG (Actions Intelligence for Social Good Award), which encourages start-ups to put efforts into solving social problems with the capability of technology, which also won the recognition of the 5th PwC Sustainability Impact Awards for “Actions Intelligence for Social Good Award” and the Silver Award of the 1st “Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards, TSAA” in 2021.

Empowering Employees Growth, Creating Impact

Employees are always the most valuable asset of SYSTEX. We will keep establishing a positive work environment that employees would take pride in, and encouraging trial errors and fault tolerance and making employees have the courage to explore and experiment without hesitation. In addition to employees themselves, we also hope to expand our care to employees’ families. SYSTEX introduced “Happy Growth Funds of SYSTEX Babies” debuted in 2021 to encourage employees to have more children by offering baby bonuses and additional maternity and paternity leave. Moreover, we develop a “Health Up! APP” for employees to assist them in arranging exercise time and courses and in managing their physical indicators to pay attention to their personal health. In our opinion, investment in employee’s health will have the best return. As a result, we won the recognition from the Gold Award and Special Award of Happiest Employees by Job Bank, and also obtained “2021 HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia”. We were the only one in the information and service industry in Taiwan that gain such recognition.

Creating Values for Shareholders, Hitting Record-High Revenue for Six Consecutive Years

SYSTEX is positioned as A Data Software Company that devotes itself to the development of the Taiwan software industry. Within this decade, Taiwan software market will surpass one trillion. SYSTEX 3.0 will also surge toward market value of 100 billion NT dollars. From vertical integration to horizontal integration, through ecosystem integration, it is a new start to redefine the new type of services in the information and service industry.

Only with sincere leadership and modest courage to lead the integration of more cross-border ecosystems to enter a bigger game, our employees will have a larger platform to showcase their ability. We promise to keep investing to create long-term shareholder values and to take good care of employees. Connecting the goodwill power and contributing to society with technology goodwill is the faith that spurs us to keep on fighting. Let us “begin with honesty and end in goodwill”! Let us make a corporate contribution to the positive influence of sustainable development!

Chairman & President, SYSTEX Corp.