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Infectious Diseases Risk

Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention

Since Covid-19 outbreak, STSTEX has established an “Epidemic Prevention Team” in accordance with the “Rules of Crisis Management”, and conducts daily meetings to review the epidemic condition, maintains uninterrupted operations, formulates the anti-epidemic strategy and operating procedures, and implements office entry control, flexible work time and remote work plan, to ensure operations and workplace safety.

Covid-19 Epidemic Classification and Prevention Measures

According to the spread and severity of the epidemic and “the standards and terms of the Central Epidemic Command Center”, SYSTEX has formulated its “Epidemic Classification and Prevention Measures”.

Health Monitoring and Care
  • Employee self-report: The internal self-reporting and investigation mechanism will be used to avoid transmission risks, and infected or suspected-infected employees will be given vacations during the period of self-health management, that are better than the law. Meanwhile, the dedicated “health manager” will provide daily health care, so that employees can work with more peace of mind.
  • E-registration for visitors: The visitor notice has been e-formed, to reduce exposure risks and improve the efficiency of risk identification.
  • Promote epidemic prevention measures: Review measures and policies irregularly, and improve employees’ awareness of epidemic prevention.
Post-epidemic Infectious Disease Risk Management

As the epidemic gradually eased, the Central Epidemic Command Center adjusted and downgraded the Covid-19 epidemic level. Therefore, SYSTEX Group disbanded the Covid-19 epidemic prevention team on May 2023 and returned the epidemic prevention work to the normal mechanism. The epidemic prevention work such as related infectious diseases returned to be provided by dedicated “Health Managers” to provide relevant professional services. The types of epidemic prevention leave (epidemic prevention quarantine leave, vaccination leave) formulated in response to the epidemic situation will be eliminated as the epidemic prevention level is downgraded.