Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Management Strategy

In order to protect the valuable development results and continuously enhance business profitability, SYSTEX actively creates the “Intellectual Property Management System”, and formulates the following management strategies as its Intellectual Property Management Policy management policy:

Intellectual Property Management Strategy and Policy
  • Continuously improve the quantity and quality of patents and trademarks
  • Actively participate in the development of key business opportunities
  • Use Intellectual Property to increase economic value and expand business
  • Implement Intellectual Property management to maintain competitive advantage
  • Enhance employees’ awareness of Intellectual Property management
  • Optimize Intellectual Property-related resources required for the Intellectual Property management system
Intellectual Property Management Targets

Based on the above Intellectual Property Management Policy, the management targets for 2023 are as follows:

  1. Revise the intellectual property management system
  2. Conduct at least 3 intellectual property-related training courses internally
Intellectual Property Management System

For protecting innovation results and enhancing profitability, SYSTEX has formulated “Regulations for Patents and Trademarks Management”, regulating the management and maintenance of Intellectual Property rights, including patents, trademarks and others. In addition, SYSTEX also has Intellectual Property consultation mechanism to assist BU to identify Intellectual Property-related risks and formulate responding strategies in real times.

Intellectual Property Protection and Management Procedures
Result Record
  • IT engineers are required to record and save the work results in PM tools under strict authority control mechanism and document management restriction, ensuring that the development results become IPs more completely and effectively.
Management System
  • SYSTEX’s “document management system” combines with the existing document grading mechanism to standardize documents classification, grading, marking, assessing authority, transmission and preservation, avoiding losses caused by improper acquisition, use, contact or disclosure of confidential information.
Rules in Contract
  • New employees are required to sign an employee contract, stipulating that during the period of employment and after resignation, personnel shall bear the obligation of confidentiality of trade secrets and related intellectual property rights.
Regular Audit
  • SYSTEX regularly conducts the internal audit of R&D cycle and intellectual property management to ensure that the intellectual property management procedures are effectively implemented and maintained in accordance with SYSTEX’s strategies.
  • SYSTEX has established the intellectual property handing procedures and communication channels to timely deal with intellectual property incidents to avoid losses caused by intellectual property disputes.
Intellectual Property Applications

Through digital training courses, SYSTEX continues to strengthen the intellectual property awareness for relevant employees, and also actively arranges various internal and external intellectual property training courses to enable employees to realize and reduce IP related risks effectively.

Improve Intellectual Property Awareness

With the intellectual property active usage in a commercialized manner, SYSTEX gradually strengthens the intellectual property licensing and technology transfer to deeply implement product patents and enhance customer experience, thereby increases customer satisfaction and trust. In addition, SYSTEX also attaches great importance to protect its own intellectual property, through the acquisition of intellectual property rights, as a means of infringement protection, to maintain SYSTEX’s brand identity and development results, and to consolidate its market position.

  • Conducted 2 intellectual property awareness advocacy for employees, with a total of 7,119 trainees in 2022.
  • 3 types of intellectual property-related training were organized for employees related to the intellectual property business, including “Basic Concepts of Intellectual Property”, “Organization’s Intellectual Property Management Policies, Goals and Related Regulations”, and “Advanced Courses for Responsible Personnel”, with a total of 464 trainees in 2022.
Intellectual Property Management Performance
2022 Performance
  • Improve the intellectual property management system. In 2022, a total of 18 institutional regulations and documents were newly formulate or revised, including the “Intellectual Property Management Manual”, “Regulations for Patents and Trademarks Management”, and “Secret Document Classification Management Measures”.
Raise Awareness
  • Conduct 3 digital intellectual property-related training, including “Basic Concepts of Intellectual Property”, “Organizational Intellectual Property Management Policy, Objective and Regulations”, and “Advanced Courses for Personnel with Authority” to enhance related personnel’s awareness and ability of intellectual property management, reducing risks caused by internal intellectual property issues.
Strengthen Control Measures
  • SYSTEX has established “Intellectual Property Document Management Procedure,” “Intellectual Property Management Record Procedure,” and “Confidentiality Classification for Intellectual Property Management” and optimized R&D management to mitigate the risks of unauthorized access, usage, exposure, or disclosure of confidential information.
Obtain TIPS (A) – Patents & Trademarks
  • In 2022, conduct and obtain the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System Certificate (Level A) – Patents and Trademarks.

By the end of 2022, SYSTEX has filed 139 patent applications, of which a total of 107 patents have been approved. Besides, SYSTEX attaches great important to the acquisition and use of trademarks rights. Up to now, 209 trademarks have been registered, enabling SYSTEX to enhance brand recognition and expand commercial value through the flexible use of trademarks.

SYSTEX has reported intellectual property-related issues of the current year to Board of Directors on December 21, 2022.

Consultation contact for intellectual property-related issues:

Accumulated Patent Granted
Accumulated Registered Trademarks