Corporate governance department and business operations

Chung, Chih-Chun, CFO of the Company has been the Corporate Governance Officer and the CFO Office setting sufficient members is in charge of related affairs regarding corporate governance in the Company. The Office has accumulated more than three years of work experience in financial management in public companies.

Related corporate governance affairs include supplying information to Directors for the performance of their affairs, assisting Directors in regulatory compliance, organizing shareholders meetings and Board of Directors meetings in accordance with laws, producing meeting minutes, and processing company registration and change of registration.

The status of business operations in 2022 was as follows:

  1. The Office planned the schedules for the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee for the year, formulated meeting agenda, assisted the chairmen in convening meetings in accordance with laws, and delivered meeting information and agenda within the required time.
  2. The Office was responsible for examining matters related to the release of material information about the important resolutions approved by the Board of Directors to ensure the legality and accuracy of the content of the material information and maintain information symmetry for investor trading.
  3. Assist directors in performing their duties and improve the effectiveness of the board of directors, and be responsible for handling matters required by directors.
  4. The Office organized courses on May 3 and November 2 of total 6 hours for Directors to meet the number of course hours recommended in the regulations.
  5. The Office assisted the implementation of internal performance evaluation for the Board of Directors.
  6. The Office processed related affairs in the shareholders meeting in accordance with laws and announces the Procedures Manual, Annual Report, and related information in Chinese and English before the benchmark deadlines specified in the Corporate Governance Evaluation.
  7. Update the company’s website information on time to enable investors to understand the company’s financial, business, and corporate governance information to protect shareholders’ rights.