Social Engagement

Improve Education in Remote Areas
Support remote schools for 3 consecutive years (2021~2023)

SYSTEX believes that reducing inequality in educational resources is an important part of cultivating youth, so that continuously cooperated with PaGamO’s “Future Literacy School” Program since 2020, donating a total of NT$1M per year to Yong-An Junior High School and Quhe-Jian Elementary School in Taoyuan City and donated books of SYSTEX’s affiliated company “Delight Press”, to help children in remote areas improve their reading literacy.
Through the systematic learning data tracking of PaGamO digital platform, these schools in remote areas can keep track of students’ learning status at any time and understand whether students are really getting appropriate help and improvement. SYSTEX can also understand the social impacts of investing resources in remote schools through the PaGamQ Program data.

Yong-An Junior High School in Taoyuan City
  In 2021 Academic Year, the grades of students in “Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School” was raised from C to A.

Located near Yong-An Fishing Port, Yong–An Junior High School is a remote school with a total of 80 students. Parents work long hours, so many students are raised by grandparents. Therefore, the school not only provides extracurricular learning opportunities, but also actively seeks PaGamO resources to help students develop reading habits and improve their learning outcomes thorough the gamified learning process.

  • In 2021 Academic Year, the school added a digital reading course every week, led by full-time teachers.
  • Through the promotion of PaGamO for 3 consecutive year, students’ reading literacy has been improved significantly. From 2018 to 2021 Academic year, students in “Comprehensive Assessment Program” achieved the highest reduction in score C and the highest improvement rate (53.4%) in Taoyuan City.
Quhe-Jian Elementary School in Taoyuan City

Quhe-Jian Elementary School with only 100 students, through the PaGamO project, the reading literacy of students has been significantly improved. Moreover, some students represented to participate in “Taoyuan City Composition Competition” and won the 2nd Prize.

For more details about the PaGamO, please refer to PaGamO Official Website

Nepal Library Program – Donated 4,000 English Children’s Books

Delight Press, a publishing company under the SYSTEX Group, responded to the “Calls over Ridges” dedicated to global planting education, donating 4,000 English children’s books to support the Nepali Library Program to expand the impact of reading.

Support Sports Development
Baseball Team Sponsorship Program

SYSTEX sponsors NT$150,000 to the Yousei Fantastic Association, supporting 3 students’ goal of joining a pro baseball team. Led by former CPBL catcher Chen Chi-hsin, the Yousei Fantastic Association has trained underprivileged indigenous children in Taitung for over a decade, providing free accommodation, meals, and education, empowering them to take control of their lives and fulfill their dreams.

Supporting Sports Development with AI & Data Technology

SYSTEX joins hands with partners in the ecosystem and cooperates with National Taiwan Normal University, which is committed to cultivating national-level players for Taiwan. Through the capabilities of “Data and Software”, SYSTEX combines Beseye’s exclusive “AI Video Analysis Platform Based on Skeleton-Print Technology” and the INBODY’s “body mass measurement and data analysis visualization software, Tableau” to train athletes from the inside out, helping coaches and athletes gain insight into personal data and improve their performance.

In the belief that technology enhances innovative and value-added strength for sports, SYSTEX’s data scientists cooperate with NTNU to innovate a platform called “Athlete’s Day” to collect more sports data, and then build a more accurate and effective AI training model to assist coaches and athletes adjust movement angles and continuously optimize performance.

Sponsor NTNU Men’s Basketball Team

National Taiwan Normal University has cultivated elite athletes for many years. In order to support sports development, SYSTEX has donated dream sponsorship funds of NT$2M to encourage national players to actively participate in global competition in 2021. In addition, we also planned to jointly hold a summer basketball camp at a remote school in Taoyuan City, so that the NTNU basketball team can teach the elementary school students basketball skills to make schoolchildren healthier and happier!

Support the Sailing Team for the Olympics

In 2021, SYSTEX has donated NT$200,000 to the sailing team of National Shuili Vocational High School of Commerce and Industry to support athletes to do well in training to qualify for the Olympics.

Host National Corporate Basketball Competition

In order to make employees healthier, SYSTEX spent NT$1M to hold the first “SYSTEX Corporate Basketball Competition” in 2021 and invited companies to participate. A total of 21 companies participated and held 3 games. However, subsequent games were suspended due to the epidemic.

Support Cultural Development
Puro Flamenco

“Puro Flamenco” founder, Ms. Tsai Yi-Jung, passionately promotes the Spanish intangible cultural heritage of Flamenco, training local dancers with renowned dancers worldwide. Flamenco promotes body flexibility, cardiovascular health, and stress relief. It empowers dancers to express themselves through cultural dialogues. SYSTEX donates NT$200,000 to “Puro Flamenco” and their commitment in promoting Flamenco culture.

Public Welfare Activity
Respond to International Medical Activities

In March 2023, SYSTEX Group responded to the “Old Glasses Donation” held by Chung Shan Medical University Hospital, providing donated glasses to Tuvalu for international medical treatment!

A total of 87 pairs of glasses were collected by SYSTEX and its affiliated companies from the event and then were taken to Tuvalu by the “International Medical Center” of Chung Shan Medical University Hospital.

Donate Materials for the Epidemic Prevention

In June 2021, the epidemic situation was severe, SYSTEX voluntarily donated a total of 10,000 pieces of protective clothing of NT$3.342M to 7 medical organizations in Taipei City and New Taipei City, including Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taipei Shuang Ho Hospital, Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital, Taipei City Hospital, Cardinal Tien Hospital, Cheng Hsin General Hospital, Keelung Hospital, in order to relieve the pressure on the supply of medical materials and help Taiwan overcome the epidemic.

Science & Technology Epidemic Prevention

Gemini Data, an affiliated company of SYSTEX Group, has launched Gemini Explore to assist in the global COVID-19 outbreak investigation, which has been used by many public health organizations and units in several countries. The Knowledge Graph Technology can help users explore the correlation between confirmed cases and contacts, discover unknown interactions among them, and help global front-line epidemic prevention personnel investigate the sources and scope of infection. This extraordinary solution allowed Gemini Data to be selected for the 2020 Presidents Cup Hackathon – Taiwan-US Epidemic Cohack and received awards from 215 people from 53 teams in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Hungary and R.O.C.

Gemini Explore can help users explore the correlation between confirmed cases and contacts, discover unknown interactions among them, and help epidemic prevention personnel investigate the sources and scope of infection. The graph shows the correlation between confirmed cases and contacts of the first nosocomial cluster infection case in Taiwan.

Gemini Explore adopts the Knowledge Graph structure, so even if the epidemic investigators do not have professional experience in data mining and query languages, they can easily explore and mine the correlation between data.

NTNU “Dream Come True Program”

In 2021, SYSTEX donated a scholarship of NT$1M in the “Dream Come True Program” of National Taiwan Normal University to encourage students to implement innovative action plans and cultivate students’ spirit of independent learning and altruism. Students’ proposals should conform to the concepts of “humanistic care, innovation, entrepreneurship and applications” to make society better.

2021 performance: A total of 23 students applied, 14 students passed and won scholarships, and their proposals were posted on the Facebook’s Fan Page, spreading good deeds.

Participants Students of “Department of Business Administration”, “Graduate Institute of Information Education”, “Department of Health Promotion and Health Education”, “Department and Graduate Institute of Physical Education and Sport Science”,

“Graduate Institute of Social Work”, “Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation” Department of Mechatronic Engineering”, “Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development”, “Department of Civic Education and Leadership”, etc.

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