Responding to Initiatives

Adopt 500 Trees to Help Build Coastal Forests

Contributing to the UN SDG 12, 13, 15 &17

SYSTEX has responded to the “Technology Tree Planting Program” initiated by “GoodPoint Exchange” and “Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture” and invited colleagues from SYSTEX Group to participate in the program. As long as colleagues participate in the road running activity, SYSTEX will adopt and plant a tree for every 5 KM of road running. As a result, a total of 363 colleagues attended the activity, and then SYSTEX decided to increase adoption by up to 500 trees, in order to help build coastal forests and build national land and coastlines.

Use Innovative Technology to Respond

The “Technology Tree Planting Program” utilizes the professional technology of “AR & Blockchain” and visual design capabilities to completely record the process of planting actions, including carbon reduction, tree species, geographic information, etc., and makes a “tree planting certificate” to share with all participants. Each tree can be observed through the online streaming tool, receiving the planting history and real-time carbon reductions during the growth process.