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SYSTEX Partners with Pepper to Enter the Humanoid Robot Services Market

【May 16, 2017, Taipei News】 Optimistic about the robot service market development, Taiwan’s leading information services enterprise SYSTEX (TSE: 6214) has officially partnered with Pepper’s agency perobot to introduce Pepper to the enterprise customers in Taiwan. In addition to the most widely used standardized services such as services introduction, guest welcoming, information dissemination, and fun activities; SYSTEX has invested major resources to obtain the development certification for Pepper in order to accelerate the industrial innovation application development, exert the advantages of robots, and manage the complex background data work while helping to simplify the consumption processes, create new consumer experiences, and enable digital transformation for enterprise customers. At present, SYSTEX has partnered with some retail circulation industry customers to develop exclusive application services, and is expected to showcase more diversified Pepper service scenarios during the second half of the year.

SYSTEX Summoned 50 Data Ecosphere Partners to Organize the “Digital Transformation Exhibition”

【January 11, 2017, Taipei News】 SYSTEX Group held the “Digital Transformation Exhibition” today (11th) and summoned 50 data ecosphere partners from the finance, retail circulation, and news media fields to integrate the cross-border, cross-domain, and cross-industry technological applications. The exhibition showcased 30 types of innovative and value-added data application services such as account networking applications, financial management robots, smart hotels, all-channel all-payment retail scenarios, C2C installment payment platforms, and cross-border electricity supplier services that represent the diversified appearances of digital transformations for different industries.

The general manager of SYSTEX, Frank Lin, indicated that, “The world’s transformation is accelerating and increasing. The new digital economic ecology from IT information to DT data as well as the traditional business models are constantly being overturned and and flipped. There is no definite game rule, and this poses both challenges and opportunities to enterprises. Therefore, companies must build and learn how to use data to ‘create experiences’ and ‘manage behaviors’ in order to become winners in the future. SYSTEX has been recognized as the best strategic partner for enterprise ‘digital transformation,’ and will invest more resources into the application integration services for the financial, new retail, and telecommunications streaming media fields in the future.

SYSTEX Partners with Far Eastern Group to Establish an O2O Retail Ecosphere

【December 15, 2016, Taipei News】The leading domestic information services enterprise, SYSTEX (TSE: 6214), and the Far Eastern Group have partnered to create convenient shopping services via the Far Eastern friDay wallet built-in “Small Market Shopping” platform that enables users to easily select good quality products or gifts. Users can enter the recipient’s smart phone number, and after the recipient has opened the SMS notification, the recipient can open the friDay Wallet APP and go to > ‘Personal’ > ‘My Gift Box’ to receive the gift. The gift can be exchanged within 50 days in a physical store using the corresponding coupon bar code. As of now, SYSTEX has helped 14 food retail brands in the industry to join the platform as product providers. A total of over 276 product items are available, and they can be exchanged at 718 physical stores.

SYSTEX Led the Information Security Ecosphere Partners to Defend the Enterprise Digital Transformation Assets

【November 17, 2016, Taipei News】Digital transformation for enterprises means more open environment, more digital tools, and more Cloud services; but also more threats to the information security. SYSTEX has invited domestic and foreign information security ecosphere partners such as the International Data Corporation (IDC), Ernst & Young, Check Point, Darktrace, Fireeye, Forcepoint, Intel Security, Intertrust, MobileIron, Netskope, Rapid7, SAP, and WareValley to propose the 2017 Digital Transformation Information Security Trend Forecasts and Countermeasures for enterprises in Taiwan as a reference on how to protect their corporate interests and assets.

SYSTEX indicated that, “Digital transformation will bring new business opportunities along with new information security threats. Enterprises will accumulate increasingly more digital data in the new economic era from IT to DT and from MIS, the Internet, to Cloud services followed by mobile, Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), FinTech, etc. The traditional information security defense mechanisms are no longer able to satisfy the information security needs during the enterprise digital transformation. Enterprise owners must fully consider the system architectures, applications, and service securities under the new technologies in order to effectively defend against the emerging and organized information security threats, and protect their own profits and assets.

SYSTEX Partners with 5 Major Brokerage Firms to Pioneer Digital Bank 3.0
Official Launch of the Securities Online Account APP Services

【November 30, 2015, Taipei News】SYSTEX has partnered with Fubon Securities, JihSun Securities, Mega Securities, SinoPac Securities, and Taiwan Cooperative Securities to officially launch the first comprehensive “Securities Online Account APP” services in Taiwan with the initial integration of the “video certification” and “account opening CA certification” functions. The customers can download the APP, interact with the brokerage service staff via video conference in real-time, and complete the account opening process within minutes. These functions are pioneering for the domestic financial services and a major step forward for Taiwan to move towards the deep indicator significance of Bank 3.0.