Smart Finance

FinTech, the newborn from the collision between traditional financial service and technology, is now ready to bring you ten times more innovative services. SYSTEX provides the financial industry with the best FinTech solutions.

Future Broker – Human Machine Partnership. True Intelligence

Rational artificial intelligence: Professional financial services

Sensible human collaboration: Intimate customer services

  1. Easy dialogues: Can use microphone and text entry to dialogue with the smart manager, or even use Line @, FB messenger!
  2. Easy financial management: Chatting is financial management, complete the financial management needs via the interactive process.
  3. Automatic reminders: Use the smart manager to help providing services to the customers for general routine matters, such as the reminders for price or volume trajectories or important matter.
  4. Human machine collaboration: If human interaction is needed, use the human machine integrated interface active services

Digital Financial Management Services – Mobile Management Specialist

SYSTEX has always catered to the customer’s needs and once again led the industry to launch a mobile management system In light of the unstoppable wave of digitalization. This system uses advanced services quality to satisfy the needs of the customers in real-time. In addition to providing better financial management services to the customers, digital financial management services also take advantages of the continual investment promotional function upgrades to give customers more choices and combinations in terms of asset allocation via diversified and innovative transaction models, which can also simplify investments and financial management.