New Retail

SYSTEX brings a more convenient life using digital technology. New behavioral patterns of consumption are here to generate various business opportunities to all retailers!

Mobile Entertainment Marketing Platform

Combine the mobile entertainment platform with the retail industry’s marketing events to provide a real-time interactive platform and enhance the marketing performances. Provide the client-side with a new generation of mobile marketing tools by combining four major marketing elements: member management, points accumulation and exchange, entertainment platform, and background management. “Member management” can help the customers to manage client information and APP behaviors. “Entertainment platform” is a gaming and entertainment mechanisms on this platform, such as Scratchers, Spin to Win, Bingo Bingo, or Flop Match games, used to increase APP adhesion. “Points Accumulation” enables users to accumulate points by playing games, and then exchange the points for gifts in physical stores to achieve the O2O effect. “Back-end Management” enables the customers to manage all of the APP-side marketing elements such as gaming mechanisms, gift contents, or points in order to achieve effective and comprehensive entertainment marketing integration.

Marketing Tool for Capturing the Customers

In this highly competitive consumer market, membership cards issued by enterprises have become a new trend for the era, and perfecting membership marketing while improving the customer satisfaction levels are the key to success! The stored-value bonus point operating applications of SYSTEX offer economically flexible and integrative outsourcing services. Enterprises can own the customer operation marketing tools and use them to enhance their competitive advantages without having to invest in expensive systems and equipment.