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Mark Chang, Chief Strategy Officer at GARAOTUS, draws a new model for HPC (High-Performance Computing) to help industrial transformation

[June 2, 2022] With the addition of Mark Chang as Chief Strategy Officer, GARAOTUS has developed the product architecture and portfolio based on the worldwide market trend. First, we partner with hardware providers to offer CRONUS Hyper Computing Series, our infrastructure model of HPC. On top of the infrastructure, we develop our middleware, CRONUS Service Fabric, to manage and optimize the performance of the HPC. Furthermore, we develop a generic software platform, CRONUS Orchestration, to assist users to handle computing and analysis workflows, and also offer Domain-Specific Solutions (Workflow Library) for users in different application domains. Currently, GARAOTUS aims to develop specific solutions in several major application domains: Biomed, Environment (including geosciences and weather), Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Finance, Energy, and Retail.

As Mark Chang, Chief Strategy Officer of GARAOTUS, explains, “GARAOTUS will evolve into a platform provider that offers superior HPC technology construction and design, the service layer will collaborate with partners to co-develop the workflow solutions, which can be opened for free or pay-for-use in the future to boost the partners in the ecosystem to utilize the computing power.”