Company Profile

SYSTEX Corporation (TSE ID: 6214), founded in 1997, is the No.1 Taiwan-based IT services provider in the Asia-Pacific region with nearly 3,000 employees and more than 50 branch offices in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.


SYSTEX is crowned with 4th Taiwan Mittelstand Award by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, is also secured the No.1 spot in the Taiwan’s software industry for over 10 consecutive years by Common Wealth Magazine(Taiwan’s leading business magazine).

Professional Services Provided by a Solid Technical Team with Strong Domain Knowledge

20100809As a provider of professional technology services, systems integration services, and outsourcing services, SYSTEX delivers comprehensive IT applications, infrastructure solutions, and software development and integration with the capabilities of international project management. Initially focused on the financial industry during the first decade of existence, SYSTEX has now expanded their competency footprint into telecommunications, manufacturing industries, medical care industries, government and logistics sectors, and has moved forward into the overseas markets.

SYSTEX has rendered professional IT services for over 30,000 enterprise and government clients. Another factor to consider is their strong network of distribution with over 1,500 channel partners, more than 40 world-class hardware/software products and solutions, and their solid domain knowledge. Because of this, SYSTEX is able to provide timely professional services and experienced assistance to their clients. Also, SYSTEX has a team of more than 400 IT engineers with multiple specialization qualifications who have received over one thousand international level specialization/management certifications, thereby enabling world-class cutting-edge IT service and the ability to undertake big international projects.

Striving Always for Quality Improvement and Growth

In line with their beliefs of continuous improvement of qabout_profile-02uality and enhancement of global competitiveness, SYSTEX’s Data Management and Integration Service (DMIS) BU has received the ISO 22301 certification. DMIS BU and SYSTEX’s dedicated data centers are both certified to ISO 27001, which is the international information security standard to provide a secured and reliable mainframe operating environment around the clock, 365 days a year. SYSTEX has passed the CMMI Level 3 accreditation, making them the first Taiwan-based IT services provider to pass the CMMI accreditation in the realms of e-business and finance.

Setting the Pace with IT Innovations

In the future, SYSTEX will focus on Cloud Services, Mobile Commerce, Big Data fields, and the development of related innovative applications. Aiming at offering private cloud services for enterprises, SYSTEX provides cloud services locally for the financial industry and medical care industry with rich domain knowledge. SYSTEX also helps customers to mobilize their businesses for better internal communication and to boost business growth. SYSTEX will continue to develop end-to-end solutions for discovering business opportunities by pushing the envelope and creating innovative Hadoop related Big Data processing software. By doing so, this will help translate Big Data into more useful and tangible information to better understand the consumers’ behaviors and assist enterprises build towards a future with higher revenue streams.